Top 8 TripIt Moments at SXSW

We came, we saw, we rocked SXSW Interactive. The TripIt team had no trouble whatsoever keeping busy on the ground in Austin at this year’s SXSW Interactive Festival. From the various events we hosted and the massive amounts of networking that went down, to one too many delicious barbecue lunches and a whole host of informative panels, it’s safe to say our mission was accomplished.


1.  The Official SXSW Travel Meet-Up with Lee Abbamonte
We co-hosted the official SXSW travel meet-up with Lee Abbamonte, the youngest American to visit every country. Lee did a great job regaling the audience with tales from his travels and providing tips about how to travel like a globetrotter. It certainly didn’t hurt that he called out TripIt as the only travel app he uses (yes, we blushed). If you haven’t checked out his blog yet, give it a read—it’s a great travel resource.1920204_10152177523627182_1255385188_n

2. Robert Scoble Plugs TripIt at Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014
For those unfamiliar, Robert Scoble is a tech powerhouse and Startup Liaison for Rackspace. He was also one of the panelists for “Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014.” You can imagine our excitement when he was quoted saying, “Use TripIt or lose the game of life.” We’re still over the moon about that one.


Photo: Heisenberg Media


3. The TripIt Austin Eat-Up
We wanted to take some time to give back to our super users who live in Austin, so we managed to escape the SXSW chaos for a morning to have breakfast at Carmelo’s Ristorante (highly recommended by the way!) with some of TripIt’s biggest fans. We ate breakfast tacos, talked travel, and picked our super users’ brains on how to make TripIt and TripIt Pro even better. We walked away with an arsenal of great feedback and some cool new friends.




4. Hanging out with Nan, a longtime user and friend of TripIt
This year was the third year that Nan attended our user breakfast. He is always armed with amazing suggestions to make TripIt even better and has become a good friend to the team. Not only is Nan a hardcore TripIt user and an all around great guy, but he also has some serious credentials under his belt, including being the Samsung Camera US 2013 Imagelogger of the Year. The team lunched with Nan and his equally awesome girlfriend Deya, so we wanted to give them a very special shout-out for their support.


 Photo and Header Image Courtesy of Nan Palermo 


5. The TripIt Team Selfie
Move over Ellen, because the TripIt team can take a mean group selfie too. We were disappointed when we found out our friend, author, and influencer powerhouse C.C. Chapman wasn’t going to be able to make it to SXSW, so we thought we’d say hello by tweeting him a TripIt team selfie.




6.  Founder’s Card Signature Event: Austin at SXSW
TripIt was invited to be a sponsor at the Founder’s Card Event because TripIt Pro is one of the benefits of signing up for this global membership community of more than 15,000 entrepreneurs and innovators. The event, which was held at the ultra-swanky W Hotel Austin, was dubbed the event “the ultimate networking event” at SXSW by Entrepreneur Magazine, so needless to say, we met a lot of intelligent and cool people.

photo 2

Photo: Brian Birzer

7. Our VP of R&D’s Core Conversation
Our VP of R&D, Darren Bauer Kahan, led an official SXSW core conversation on the theme of openness and discussed the yearlong process undertaken by TripIt to champion the free flow of data. The audience was engaged and actively participated in the discussion of this hot-button topic, and Darren did a great job of representing TripIt.




8. Hanging Out in Austin
The team was so excited to be on the ground in Austin so whenever we had some downtime, we tried to soak up the sights, meet as many new people as possible, check out some of the parties, and, of course, eat our weight in barbecue.

photo 1