Survey Says: You’re Traveling Ahead of the Curve

Congrats! If you’re reading this and using TripIt, you’re part of an exclusive group of savvy travelers… We recently surveyed frequent travelers and found that most respondents are still carrying paper around or relying on their inbox to pull through, even when technology tools offer an easier way to manage travel details.


So just how exclusive are we talking? Only 35 percent (barely one-third) of travelers polled said they use an app to access and organize their booking confirmations and contact information while traveling. Tied in the majority slot, each with 71 percent of the vote*, were the old-school methods of “printing confirmations” and “searching through email on a smartphone.”

How Travelers Organize Travel Plans


Do these numbers surprise you? Let us know your take on the popularity of travel apps in the comments below, and if you happen to fall into that two-thirds of travelers organizing travel the old-school way, give TripIt or TripIt Pro a try today.


(For questions about survey methodology or to access additional results from TripIt’s 2014 travel and technology trend research, please contact

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