Don’t Let the Next Polar Vortex Ground You: Here’s How to Stay One Step Ahead of the Storm

We all know winter travel is stressful, but this year has certainly been a doozy so far. CNN recently reported that since December 1, 2013, more than 1 million flights have been delayed or cancelled, and after hearing all of the horror stories from fellow travelers at January’s annual Consumer Electronics Show, we decided to dig into our TripIt Pro flight alert data to analyze the impact of flight delays and cancellations across the United States.


We compiled the results in the below infographic so you can try as best you can to outsmart the return of the polar vortex (or any other time air travel is disrupted), whether it’s taking it upon yourself to route your travels as strategically as possible or at the very least use TripIt Pro’s flight alerts to help you find alternate flights with open seats so you can rebook faster than the person next to you.

Have your travels been impacted by the polar vortex? Tell us how in the comments below.



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