Prepare for Takeoff: Best Travel Reads of the Week

Welcome to Friday’s “Prepare for Takeoff,” TripIt’s weekly link roundup of some of our favorite travel reads from around the Web.


We had some great press mentions this week including JD Samson of the bands JD Samson & Men and Le Tigre naming TripIt as one of his top 5 apps. Additionally, TripIt was featured in the Travel Section of Sunday’s New York Times in Apps That Organize Your Trips. In the column, author Stephanie Rosenbloom said,


“Ultimately, I think TripIt is the most intuitive itinerary app. It’s sophisticated yet simple. No ads, no games, only what I want: a color-coded itinerary (hotel icons are orange, flights are blue) that I can access from multiple devices and easily share.”


And without further ado, here are our top travel link picks of the week. Let us know about any good ones we missed in the comments below.


Links of the Week

  • Exploring Taiwan’s Second City – Tainan – As it turns out, Taiwan’s second city Tainan is just as fascinating and full of rich experiences as its cousin city Taipei. From its variety of shops and restaurants, to its fascinating history as Taiwan’s oldest city, a trip to Tainan should make its way onto your Taiwan travel itinerary. (LandLopers)


  • Shoulder surfing: Are you responsible if another traveler is offended by your screen? The Road Warriorette poses a great question about the level of responsibility travelers should take with what’s publicly visible on their electronic devices. We believe that travelers should be respectful with the content their devices are displaying when others can see it. This is an often-overlooked, unwritten rule of airplane etiquette. What do you think? (Road Warriorette)


  • Big Changes to the Delta SkyMiles Program: What You Need to Know – If you’re a loyalty points enthusiast then chances are you’ve probably noticed some changes going on in the rewards-program landscape. With the recent United devaluation and now the changes to Delta’s SkyMiles program (read: revenue-based as opposed to points-based), travel loyalty programs are changing and it’s possible that other programs will follow in these footsteps. Have these changes affected you? (Conde Nast Traveler)


  • 10 Things You Don’t Need to Pack – Even if you’re not a chronic overpacker, you could be plagued by IPD: inefficient packing disorder. Okay, I made that up, but in all seriousness, Johnny Jet gives some great pointers in this post on what you can leave at home and how to pack smartly. What’s something you can’t help packing but know you don’t need? (Johnny Jet)


  • The WABAC or “If we had a time machine” – There’s certainly plenty of places in the world to see, but imagine being able to go back in time and see some of the world’s most incredible locales from a different time in history: Paris is the 20’s with Hemingway and Picasso; the Silk Road; the list goes on and on. What places in time would you want to visit? (Captain and Clark)



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