Community Inspired by Courage: Volunteering for #SFbatkid

Last week was special here at TripIt. Thanks to our amazing partners at Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area, we had the opportunity to help make an incredibly memorable wish come true for Miles, a 5 year old who has battled leukemia.
Miles’ wish was to be Batkid. So, on Friday, November 15, the Make-A-Wish team transformed San Francisco into Gotham City. Miles – attaining celebrity status on social media as #SFbatkid – was whisked away to spread his heroics all over town:

      • Saving damsels in distress from the cable car tracks,
      • Capturing a bank-robbing Riddler,
      • Rescuing the SF Giants mascot Lou Seal (he’d been kidnapped by the Penguin!),
      • And finally, receiving a key to the city from Mayor Ed Lee.


More than 40 TripIt employees signed up to be part of a flash mob in Union Square, where we would reveal a crime-solving clue to Miles. Not yet aware how big this would become, we practiced our dance routine and even donned our best yellow-and-black Batman outfits. And when we showed up at Union Square, we were joined by thousands others. In Union Square, strangers joined hands, practiced the routine, and waved up to Miles the Batkid, as he stood in the window at Macy’s Burger Bar – many with tears in their eyes. Check out this video to experience the action for yourself!

What started out as simply a volunteer opportunity turned into something more meaningful than most of us imagined. We had the chance to come together with coworkers and strangers to brighten this one child’s day and make his wish come true. In return, we witnessed something much bigger: a city bound together, filled with hope and energy. It was fun, unforgettable, and amazing.
Here’s what a few TripIt employees thought of the day:

      • “The thing that was most meaningful to me was seeing so many thousands of people come together for one little boy. No matter who we are, we all want to be part of something bigger and spread the love and today was a perfect example of people coming together for that exact reason.” – Lauren B.
      • “I am proud and thankful to be a resident of a city and work with colleagues that contributed to something so wonderful. It was an incredible experience I will never forget.” – Sharon G.
      • “There are no words to describe the emotions that surfaced today from helping a wish come true for Miles. He saved more than our city, he saved our hearts.” – Amy H.


TripIt team members and the banner they unfurled for #SFbatkid Miles in San Francisco's Union Square.

TripIt team members and the banner they unfurled for #SFbatkid Miles in San Francisco’s Union Square.

Inspired by #SFbatkid? Donate to Make-A-Wish today – and don’t forget, you can even donate your unused or expiring frequent-flier miles to give wings to kids’ wishes, too.