Sharing the TripIt Love with the Travel Planners on Your Team

My name’s Mike and I’d like to introduce you to Sara.  We help companies of all shapes and sizes set up and use TripIt for Teams. If you work with admins, executive assistants, office managers or anyone else who does the important job of planning your travel, TripIt for Teams could make their lives (and yours) way easier.

TripIt for Teams allows your planner to create an itinerary on your behalf – the very same itinerary that you see! You and your planner can be sure your whole trip is planned, and changes are communicated, all as easy as if you were creating an itinerary for yourself. Since they’re so committed to making travel easy for you, so we want to make it easy on them to jump in and get started with TripIt for Teams.

Sara and I are dedicated to helping travel planners get up and running with TripIt for Teams.  One popular way we do this is by hosting webinars weekly and monthly. These webinars make everything mentally “click” for travel planners, and they also show travelers all the extra goodies they get with TripIt for Teams. These webinars are the best resource for giving your travel planners ideas and strategies for customizing TripIt for Teams.

Weekly Webinar – Thursdays at 10 a.m. PDT.
We help new customers set up their TripIt for Teams accounts and get started using its tools to get the most out of their new travel-planning product. Even if you’ve used TripIt for Teams for a while, we can help you discover new ways to improve team-travel organization.

Monthly Webinar – 3rd Wednesday of the month, 10 a.m. PDT
Great for all users, no matter how long you’ve used (or thought about using) TripIt for Teams. Each month, we provide a feature review, highlight collaborative tools, and provide updates so everyone knows the latest and greatest.

Best of all, we’re always available to chat one-on-one about the exact type of travel-planning help your team needs – and the ways in which TripIt for Teams can help. You can reach us by phone at 888.811.2034, or via email (Mike =; Sara =

It’s fun and rewarding for Sara and I to see the proverbial light bulb ‘go off’ for a travel arranger. Why organize trips the hard way when a better option is available?  There’s plenty of variety for us, too. We’ve worked with everyone from Fortune 100 companies to small startups, as well as family reunion planners, tour managers and sports teams. In any case, there’s finally a way for all travel planners and admins to enjoy the TripIt magic, too.

Who plans travel for your team? Spread the word – and give a free TripIt for Teams trial – to your admins, assistants and planners. They do the heavy lifting, and deserve some travel zen, too.