Outlook.com Adds TripIt Auto-Import for Even Easier Itinerary Creation

Microsoft fans, rejoice! You can now create itineraries and organize plans without lifting a finger. TripIt’s auto-import – which scans your email inbox, finds travel confirmation emails, and automatically adds them right into your TripIt account – has just been turned on for Outlook.com users.

Auto-import is a classic TripIt feature. It knows when an email belongs in a TripIt itinerary just by seeing its subject line, and can even sort it into the right trip. It’s an effortless way to get all your travel plans organized in one place, and now it’s available for all Outlook.com customers including those with Hotmail and Live addresses.

Booking travel plans on multiple sites is often the best way to stitch together a truly affordable, steals-and-deals, trip-hacking vacation – but forwarding all those confirmation emails can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why TripIt created auto-import, and why many travelers relish using it. It’s like having a personal assistant who sorts your reservations and organizes one comprehensive travel itinerary for you – for each trip you plan.

And we didn’t just stop at hotel, flight and car reservations; auto-import will even parse confirmation emails generated from activities like OpenTable, Eventbrite, Stubhub and more. Every detail of your trip will be included, meaning your travel could be more diligently organized than it’s ever been before.

Even though we do the work, you’re still in control. Auto-import can easily be managed or turned off from your TripIt or email provider settings.

Ready to get started? Set up auto-import by clicking here. Happy travels!

TIP: If you only want TripIt to auto-import plans that require travel, be sure your home location is set. That intel helps us skip over events in your immediate local area.