Card Reading: TripIt Redesign Displays Travel Info When You Need It

TripIt has long dabbled in the “automagical,” and our latest update is no different. Starting today, TripIt’s iPhone app introduces a brand-new card view, which displays the most relevant trip information right when you need it.

Heading to the airport? Open the app, and TripIt will show you flight and gate details to guide you onto the plane. Landed at your destination? Hotel directions and rental car pick-up information now appear to make your arrival a seamless one. TripIt now anticipates what information you need to access and shows it upfront, making our mobile travel companion even more helpful to those on the go.

TripIt’s upgraded design is flatter and card-centric. Now, to review your upcoming trip items, you swipe fluidly between cards. Want to jump back to the main TripIt dashboard? No problem, it’s just one click away.

We also made Google Maps our primary source for maps and directions, and TripIt Pro members will enjoy streamlined, easier-to-read notifications in the alerts center. Be sure to check out our favorite, fun new feature – the clouds we’ve tucked in the background gently drift anytime your device moves, thanks to the iPhone’s gyroscope.

What info do you find most important to have at hand when traveling?