Hit the Road with These Summer Road Trip Tips

Last month, I hosted another #TripItChat on Twitter, where participants shared their best tips on summer road trips. Check out some of the key takeaways – they might come in handy for squeezing in one last getaway between now and Labor Day:

Travelers Are Both Old School and Early Adopters
When it comes to getting directions, many chat participants still depend on old-fashioned maps, especially when driving through some off the beaten path destinations. While other travelers cited technology like TripIt as a convenient way to keep track of their hotels, meals and other reservations. @09jojo09 shared a unique way of capturing the journey: she and her kids scrapbook the experience as they go, recording maps, events and special moments along the way.

Hitting the Open Road
Many chat participants shared their love of spontaneous trips with the windows down and the radio blasting as they head out into the great unknown. But when it comes to dream road trip routes, opinions were definitely divided…

@ theWonderNuts said their adventure driving through the French countryside was unlike anything they’d ever done. Vineyards, rolling hills and small villages all came together for their dream drive.

Many others stuck close to home, driving either the Pacific Coast Highway in California or the classic dream trip, cruising along Route 66. The most unique answer came from #TripItChat co-host @LeeAbbamonte who can’t wait to drive the Pamir Highway in Kyrgyzstan.

Keeping the Kids Busy
When I was a kid, all I had was my imagination and my little brother to keep my occupied on long trips. Today the options are almost limitless, but a few great tips emerged…

Chat co-host @motherofalltrip makes sure her kids have plenty of books and game apps for their electronic devices, but she also encourages the whole family to spend time reading aloud to each other.

@FreeLikeBirdie still uses old-school games like “I Spy” and “Name That Car;” which she says is a great way for her family to reconnect.

Playing Fast and Loose
Opinions diverged once again when the question of booking hotels in advance came up. Many Twitter chat participants, like @anhavana, prefer to be spontaneous and just hope that a hotel is available when they need one.

Others, including myself, prefer booking in advance. This way we can get the type of hotel we want and keep our driving schedule on track. I also like to use points to book hotels, which can only be done by planning ahead. But if you want to book on-the-go, be sure to check out the Hotel Tonight app for last-minute deals.

It’s All About the Memories
If this Twitter chat was any indication, then those summer road trips really do create memories that last a lifetime. @DaveDTC shared a heartwarming story about gold mining in California with his father that actually influenced them to stake their own claim.

Twitter pro @Butterflydiary showed everyone stunning photos she took while driving around Hawaii surrounded by fields of sugar cane blowing in the wind.

What’s your favorite summer road trip memory? Be sure to share in the comments below, or on the TripIt Facebook page.

PS – For those not familiar, TripIt holds a monthly chat on Twitter on the third Thursday of each month on the hashtag #TripItChat. Every month there’s a new travel topic where we encourage participants to share advice with one another.

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