Put Me in Coach: Help TripIt Take the Field at SXSW 2014

SXSW is a #winwin for innovators, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts – whether or not you make it to Austin for the main event.

We’re vying for a spot on the playing field, so we can join the conversation, meet up with fellow travelers and innovators (“So Elon, about that whole Loop thing…”), and most importantly: to bring all that knowledge gleaned over barbecue back to you and to our products.

If you think our line-up below has Most Valuable Panel potential, please cast your votes before Friday, Sept. 6:

1. “Stolen from Geeks: How We’ll All Wear Tech

On the pitcher’s mound: Barry Padgett, TripIt



2. “Austin, We Have a Problem (No One Knows Exists)

First string: Heather Forsythe, TripIt; Thad Hwang, Slice; Mario Armstrong, digital lifestyle expert and contributor to Today Show, CNN, NPR and HLN



3. “How To Get 100 Countries Under Your Travel Belt” Travel Meetup

At home plate: Lee Abbamonte, youngest American to travel to every country



In keeping the team spirit alive, here are a few of our favorite panels with winning ideas on improving tech, travel and organization also worth a look:

Stories Travel Fast: Tech Tourism Transformation
 – featuring Jimmy Keown of Digitaria, Leslie Guettler of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, Seth Kugel of The New York Times, and Dylan Thuras of Atlas Obscura.

Driverless Cars – Implications for Travel Behavior – featuring Chandra Bhat of the Center for Transportation Research at UT Austin

Fanalytics: How to Get Moneyball on Anything – featuring Lee Mooney of Barclays

Geek Out for Good: Apps that Change the World – featuring Dan Walmsley of NationBuilder, Emily Jacobi of Digital Democracy, Brian Doll of GitHub, and Lawrence Grodeska of Change.org

What other programming are you rooting for at SXSW 2014? Let us know in the comments below.

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