Labor Days: Getting Back to Business After the Holiday Weekend

In honor of Labor Day, we at TripIt labored over five years of traveler itineraries to learn what holiday weekend travel and work habits are most prevalent. Data revealed that work ramps back up quickly after Labor Day, as only 33% of travelers stay on vacation past the holiday weekend.

Labor Day is one of the busiest times to travel – AAA predicts this year, 34.1 million Americans will travel over the summer’s last long weekend (a four-year high) with 85% driving to their destinations. TripIt itineraries show that more than half of Labor Day travelers (52%) stick to a three- or four-night getaway, meaning there are a lot of people crammed on planes and roads during that long-weekend window.

There’s no need to panic, though – TripIt’s insights can help you maximize work and play this Labor Day. Here are a few tips and lessons to glean from our travelers’ habits:

Need to track down colleagues or contacts after the holiday?

More than half of travelers are back at their desks on Tuesday (67%), and nearly all travelers are back at their desks by Wednesday (87%). Though it’s the last long weekend of the summer, our data shows Labor Day has historically posed minimal interruption to the flow of business. The holiday does celebrate the achievements of American workers, after all.

Want to avoid the worst holiday weekend travel jams?

Stay longer and take a 5+ day “stretch-cation,” since the majority of travelers limit themselves to travel within the 3-day weekend. As an added benefit, extending a holiday weekend into a “stretch-cation” maximizes relaxation. You get more vacation time for fewer days of PTO, and with offices closed during most of your travels there’s less compulsion to check emails. Here’s how TripIt travelers plan their Labor Day escapes:

  • 15% are just daytrippers
  • 9% only stay overnight
  • 11% plan to getaway for two nights
  • 32% take exactly three nights, while 20% extend to a four-day weekend
  • 9% splurge on a five-night trip
  • 4% leave on vacation for six, seven or more* nights


What are your plans for Labor Day 2013? Will you be back at your desk on Tuesday? Let us know!

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