Now Your Itineraries Can Travel Freely, Too – Improved Email Sharing

We heard you – sometimes you and your loved ones just want fast and easy access to trip info. That’s why TripIt now enables you to share your full trip itineraries directly in an email.

Now even folks who aren’t using TripIt can view your travel plans – and you hold the power to select exactly who receives your trip info:

  • Family members, so they know when to pick you up at the airport
  • Significant others, who appreciate being in the loop on your away-from-home plans
  • Business colleagues, to avoid scheduling conflicts when you’re in the air
  • Child and pet sitters, providing alternate means to reach you in case of emergency
  • Other travelers on your trip, enabling them to book the same air/hotel (and organize their details in the same TripIt itinerary, too!)


TripIt’s new email sharing isn’t just an easy way to communicate your plans; you can also boast about your impeccably planned trip or request recommendations about the best places to eat and visit. Plus, never again will you have to forward separate confirmation emails to share every part of the trip, or copy-paste details to make your own shareable itinerary.

To share your trip details, simply select the “sharing” tab on your web itinerary and choose the email option to input recipients’ addresses – this works from the mobile app, too. They’ll receive an email from you with your complete itinerary, including flights, hotels and more.

Who do you think will most appreciate receiving your travel plans, now that it’s easier than ever to share them?