TripIt Makes it Easier to Add Plans Off the Beaten Path

It’s now easier than ever to get all your plans into TripIt, even when planning an exotic, off-the-grid getaway; visiting your favorite secluded B&B; flying a new foreign airline; or reserving time on an elusive golf course (all places gloriously unknown to everyone else on the planet – including us).

Our team works hard to ensure all your confirmation emails are processed accurately. We’re familiar with more than 3,000 travel vendor confirmation emails, including international air, hotel and train companies ­– even online vendors like Airbnb – and update our technology as vendors update their booking systems and formats. However, some plans occasionally require a little additional input from you, and today, we’ve improved the process for integrating an “unfiled item” (like that remote mountain lodge) into your trip itinerary.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the “Action Required for your TripIt Submission” email from TripIt.
  2. Click the “Review Now” button.
  3. Choose the correct trip for your submission, or create a new trip.
  4. Categorize the submission: select flight, lodging, car rental, or any other travel plan type. (Did you know TripIt also has filing options for Meetings and Activities?)
  5. Enter additional information as prompted to flesh out the details.
  6. Click “Save,” and the item will be integrated with the rest of your trip plans.


Unfiled Items Object Info


No longer do you need to create an itinerary item from scratch or rely on storing details in a Note. Submissions can now be accurately filed, and all you need to do is copy the vital details into designated fields and customize your trip plans from there.

While many of you won’t need to rely on this feature for a long time (or ever), we hope those of you lucky enough to be traveling off the beaten path find this new process helpful.

Please continue to let us know your thoughts – new product improvements like this come directly from user feedback!