How I Stay Connected as a Traveling Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I personally can’t wait to dedicate that day to my family. For many dads (and moms) like myself, traveling frequently for work can be challenging. While a recent survey from TripIt suggests travelers like us are at ease staying connected with loved ones while we’re away, these trips can cause stress for our significant others at home.

Here are a few ways we can make it easier for our loved ones to feel connected across the miles:

  • Say goodbye – Before you go, make your farewell count. TripIt’s survey revealed that 33% of significant others find saying goodbye very stressful, compared to only 8% of travelers – so find a way to close that gap and make this easier. Create a pre-trip tradition like one big family meal or a special outing, and ensure you’ve left all duties back home manageable.
  • Mind the time – Schedules to which we’re so beholden in our business lives can take on a family element as well. Reserve time on your significant other’s calendar for daily chats, or use your world clock to navigate time differences for more spontaneous calls and texts. Planning ahead means you might even be able to tuck your kids in for bed before you set out on a day of meetings.
  • Face-to-face is best– Whenever available, opt to chat face-to-face with your family back home. Use tools like Apple’s FaceTime or Microsoft’s Skype, which let you video chat for free on a multitude of devices. Plus, when you’re traveling internationally, these tools only require Wifi so you can avoid costly roaming fees.
  • “Bring” the destination to them – Though you can’t always bring your family on business trips, you can share the highlights and nurture their love of travel by sending photos and videos to them. Make it personal by explaining why a certain location makes you think of them: “You’d love this gelato!” or “Can you imagine going to school here?”

Of course, TripIt plays a huge part in keeping me connected while traveling, too. With my wife in my “Inner Circle” on TripIt Pro, she has automatic access to all my itineraries. It’s incredibly easy to share my travel plans and make sure she knows when I’m arriving home, if I’m delayed, and when to come pick me up at the airport to return home.

How have you used Inner Circle – or other TripIt features – to stay connected?