Coordinate Team Travel Plans Anywhere, Anytime with TripIt for Teams Mobile

TripIt for Teams gives office managers, executive assistants, team leads – anyone who plans travel for others – the control and visibility necessary to enable sane, organized travel for their business or team. It makes planning those crucial business meetings a breeze; a quick glance at a teammate’s calendar shows where they are on any given day. And since TripIt is a vital tool whether you’re planning pre-trip or heading down the jetway, we now offer that same team visibility on the go.

Ever tried to coordinate a meeting with 10 people in 4 offices during storm season? Yep, you never know when you’re going to need to look up your colleagues’ travel schedules.

With our new TripIt for Teams mobile calendar, now available on iPhone and iPad, you can check out your entire team’s travel plans whenever you need them – on the way to the airport, en route to the big meeting, or even at the supermarket. It’s never been easier to field calls, react quickly, and change plans away from the office.

TripIt for Teams on iPad

Just tap the Teams tab on your mobile dashboard for a quick look at your team’s travel in the week ahead – who’s in, who’s out – in an easy-to-read list or map view. Planners can get a bird’s-eye look at their travelers’ schedules and easily pop into their itineraries to confirm or update upcoming plans. Planners with TripIt Pro activated can even get the latest updates on travelers’ flights, monitor for delays or missed connections, and use the alternate flights feature to get them rebooked and on their way to that big conference without breaking a sweat.

Even better – and this is my favorite feature – you can now subscribe to your team’s calendar on your mobile device with just a tap, making it easier than ever to keep tabs on everyone and coordinate plans when you’re not at your desk.

I can’t get through my day without my mobile calendars – and I know I’m not alone. How do you keep your schedules organized?