Find the Best Food When You Travel

I recently hosted another lively Twitter chat with TripIt, where participants shared their best tips and stories about finding the best food experiences on the road. Here are some key food travel takeaways to chew on:

Food is important in travel planning.

While most people don’t choose a travel destination just for the food, it is an important consideration for many. For @OurTastyTravels, food is a primary reason to travel and Taiwan is one of their favorite foodie destinations thanks to the fantastic night markets in Taipei. Another popular destination was the Pacific Northwest, home to everything from fresh seafood in Seattle to travel-worthy pastries at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland.

The ultimate meal is hard to pick.

Participants were all over the globe when asked to put together their ultimate meal from three different countries, but popular answers included cuisine from France, Thailand and Japan. One of the most creative answers came from @Margiggles whose favorite meal would include bread from France, steak from Argentina and beer from Belgium – hard to go wrong with those choices!

Favorite restaurants in the world include everything from shacks to fine dining.

The chat got really exciting when participants listed their favorite places to eat anywhere in the world. A veritable guide could be put together from the answers that included classics such as DN Innovacion in Taipei and El Celler Can Roca in Spain, but also more humble places to eat like a simple bistro in Paris and Pizzeria da Nella in Chicago.

Eating on a dare.

There are some foods that scare people though, even if many want to at least give them a try. Chat co-host @Motherofalltrip says she’s always wanted to sample blood sausage, but just hasn’t gathered up the nerve yet. Exotic and organ meats were the most popular answers, but not for @ packmeto who said she’s never been to the South and is dying to try good BBQ and soul food. As a native southerner, I can’t recommend that highly enough.

The perfect meal is as much about the place as it is the food.

Food is arguably one of the most important aspects of the travel experience, and the destination is forever linked with food in our minds. Chat participants shared their versions of a perfect meal and they all went hand in hand with the location. Sure pastries in Paris and stir-fry in China are great, but it’s about the magic of enjoying those meals in such amazing destinations that matters.

Where have you enjoyed your favorite food travel experience? And don’t forget to join us for the next #TripItChat on June 20th at 2:00PM Pacific/5:00PM Eastern when we will be talking all about travel gear!

PS – Still wondering, “What is a Twitter chat?” TripIt holds a monthly chat on Twitter on the third Thursday of each month from 2-3 p.m. Pacific Time on the hashtag #TripItChat. Every month there’s a new travel topic where we encourage participants to share advice with one another. To learn more, please see:

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