Never sit in a middle seat again.

We all know the pain of traveling, from potential flight delays and gate changes to sitting in a less than desirable seat. TripIt Pro eases the pain with features like gate change notifications and cancellation and delay alerts. And now, Seat Tracker makes the possibility of getting the seat you want a reality. Track your seat in just 3 easy steps:

1) Choose the kind of seat you want.
2) Get notified via mobile phone or email when a seat is available.
3) Claim your seat by contacting your carrier or booking agent — and do it quickly, before someone else gets the seat!

This new feature aids business travelers, jet-setters and vacationing families alike, enabling flyers to set and monitor their preferred seats with any of the following:

  • Pick window or aisle (or middle, should you desire that).
  • Specify front or back of the plane.
  • Track the exit row or bulkhead.
  • Find seats together, in groups as large as four.
  • Include premium cabins in your search for seats.

To use Seat Tracker, you need to be a member of TripIt Pro ($49/year), which has all the goodness and travel organization of TripIt plus check-in reminders, point tracking, fare tracking, gate-change notifications, cancellation and delay alerts and alternate-flight information. Visit to learn more about Seat Tracker and set seat alerts for upcoming trips.

With Seat Tracker, we’re now one step closer to achieving “The Perfect Trip.”

What is your favorite seat?  Tell us today or, better yet, start tracking a seat now!

Happy travels!
The TripIt Team