TripIt for Teams: Organizing Travel for Everyone in One Place

When we started TripIt for Business two years ago, we had a simple but ambitious plan. Take all the goodness that TripIt gives to the traveler — organizing trip plans in a simple, easy to use format — and give that power to a business to share and organize travel plans for a whole team.


When our first customer signed up, I was so excited I rang a gong in our office. This became tradition every time a new customer signed up. The whole team (product managers, engineers, designers, customer support, and Mike our incredible customer evangelist) celebrated together, and then got back to work making the easiest way to organize travel for teams.


Since then, gong-ringing has become a cacophony as teams of all company sizes – from startups to Fortune 100s — ditch the old way of manually creating itineraries for travelers, or struggling to keep track of who’s out of the office. We’ve welcomed a range of customers all over the world, like a traveling jam band, a boutique pension fund firm, a racing team, and an architecture firm.


Our new name, TripIt for Teams, better reflects this diversity.


In addition, one of my favorite things is hearing from these teams. I’ll never forget the time one of our early customers told me that TripIt for Teams helped her be more present with her family than ever before, because she saved so much time creating itineraries automatically.


In the coming weeks, we’re going to share more of these stories with you. We’d love to hear from you as well, in the comments below.


And, if your team hasn’t yet tried TripIt for Teams, enjoy a complimentary 1-month free at



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