The Right to Share Personal Travel Data

There are differing opinions in the travel industry about whether your reward program accounts should be accessible to third parties to whom you’ve given permission. Unfortunately, this is impacting point tracking for TripIt Pro users.

In line with TripIt’s mission to make life easier for travelers, our goal is to give you secure access to as many of your reward programs as possible, in one place.

What can you do? Declare your right to share your personal travel data with third parties, like TripIt. Make your voice heard by contacting your airline reward program; and by joining the conversation below, on Facebook, and Twitter using hashtag #freemypoints.

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TripIt, on behalf of travelers everywhere, will continue to drive conversations with travel-industry partners towards a solution that works for everyone.

In the meantime, we’re focused on growth and new features:

  • We’ve expanded TripIt Pro’s point tracker to 120 reward programs, including air, hotel, transportation, parking, dining and credit card rewards.
  • TripIt Pro users can now add new programs to their account from their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (coming soon to Android).


By the traveler, for the traveler,
The TripIt team