We’re Listening: Updates to the Itinerary Page

By Madalynn Priester, 
Product Manager, TripIt 


The itinerary page was redesigned earlier this month to give you a cleaner, more intuitive view of your itinerary. Since then, you’ve shared feedback on what information is most important to you, things you liked about the old design, and ideas for making it better.


We’re delighted that you’re so passionate about using TripIt, and took the time to help. So without further ado, we’re pleased to announce we’ve addressed most of these requests, which are now available when you visit http://tripit.com.


The following items have more prominent placement:

  • Flight terminal and gate information
  • Flight operating carriers
  • Connecting flights and layover time


We’ve made readability improvements:

  • The itinerary header displays full trip titles.
  • Font sizes have been increased for improved readability.
  • All activities are now separated, making it easier to quickly scan your itinerary.


And we made printing require less paper:

  • Maps and directions can once again be removed from printed itineraries.
  • Printed itineraries are now more concise, requiring less pages.


At TripIt, we sincerely value your feedback and take it very seriously. Your comments will continue to play a huge role in the evolution of our service, as we try to make TripIt the best it can be. Thanks for sharing!

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