TripIt’s Fall Line-up: iPad App and TripIt Pro Alerts Makeover

With fall quickly approaching, it’s a good time to turn over a new leaf. TripIt has exciting updates for the iPad app and good news for TripIt Pro members…

So fresh and so clean: The latest update to the TripIt app for iPad makes it easier than ever to see upcoming trip plans in one place. The new design features the same welcome dashboard, “What’s Next” reminder and enhanced trip maps available on TripIt for iPhone, which received a design refresh of its own.

Sample Dashboard View

Never miss a beat: TripIt Pro members with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android phone can now receive push notifications! We’ve also added an alerts center to the iPad app, so you can browse a list of recent notifications. Both options are a good alternative when Wifi is available, but data access is not, i.e. planes and international travel.






Now available as push notifications, in-app alerts, text messages, emails or messages, TripIt Pro alerts

  • Check-in reminder 24 hours in advance
  • Departure summary and gate changes shortly before the trip begins
  • Cancellations and delays, with alternate flight options that have open seats
  • Arrival and connection summaries to help make the transfer or airport pick-up go smoothly
  • Alerts if the price of the airfare goes down, with instructions on how to claim a refund or credit



The latest TripIt app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available for download at, and for Android at

Check it out and let us know what you think!