Airport options from A-Z: Know the inside scoop about your terminal before you go

Let’s face it: long layovers and flight delays are usually not the highlight of your trip. Unless you can find the perfect nook, restaurant, bar or even exercise studio that makes passing the time feel like living it up, you can end up feeling pretty…stuck.

Travel would be so much easier if you knew what to expect before arriving at the airport and then, once you’re waiting at check-in or security, you had easy access to time-saving tips and tools to help you navigate the airport like a pro.

Here at TripIt, we’re always looking for other leading industry players who can help you travel smarter.

And that’s why we want to introduce you to Routehappy, a great company who has spent a lot of time thinking about how you can get the most out of air travel—from the ground, to the air and back. They’ve developed a new flight experience search engine with insights and reviews from real flyers to help you find the best flight for your preferences.

Since the airport is always your first destination, why not start your experience off on the right foot? After checking in, pull up one of TripIt’s helpful airport maps on your iPhone and treat the rest of your time on the ground like a real vacation (even if it’s a layover during a business trip!).

Next, turn to Routehappy’s app to get the inside scoop on airport options via tips and photos from flyers who know best.

Some of the travel “gems” (as Routehappy likes to call them) you’ll find include:

  • A gift shop worth strolling to at SFO
  • A kid-friendly restaurant at ATL
  • A little known bar in the Roanoke airport (ROA) where you can score free drinks
  • Rocking chairs at a nearby gate in PHL



Tips and tricks like these can make all the difference the next time you have a few minutes—or hours—to spare at the airport. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a casual traveler, you should enjoy your entire air travel experience.

We know that smart preparation and knowing your options is essential to travel. With TripIt’s terminal maps and Routehappy’s expert tips, you’ll never be unprepared (or unfulfilled) at the airport again.