Favorite Apps of an Invention Hunter

Recently, I sat down with Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation and host of the new kitchen gadget discovery show “Invention Hunters,” which premieres tonight at 9/8c on the Food Network.

Steve-Good one

“Road warrior” does not do justice for the amount of time Steve spends on the road. And while he relies on TripIt Pro to keep him in one piece (while earning hundreds of dollars back on airfare), Steve turns to a handful of other apps to keep him entertained and informed while conquering planes, trains and automobiles.

Here are some of Steve’s go-to apps while traveling:

  1. TED Talks – Not technically an app, but TED’s prolific speakers can be viewed in airplane mode by downloading each episode from iTunes. Prepare to be inspired.
  2. TV Food Maps – Want to dine like a pro? Sync your TripIt account, and the app will find nearby restaurants where hosts from the Food Network and the Travel Channel have ventured. If Anthony Bourdain likes it, I abide.
  3. Roamz – Now that you’re fed, here’s an easy way to find something to do in the neighborhood. The app aggregates photos and content from social networks to help you navigate the town like a local.
  4. 2CamShoot – Here’s a great way to share a video message with loved ones while spotting something noteworthy during your travels. This app allows you to simultaneously shoot video from both forward and rear-facing cameras.
  5. Trulia – Have you fallen in love with the destination enough to make it your second home? Or, are you simply a fantasy real estate shopper? Trulia will keep it real, by showing you nearby listings.

What apps do you use while in flight, or after you land? We’d love to hear from you.

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