Why I Can’t Live Without TripIt Pro

TripIt Pro Customer Testimonial: Pablo Paciello, AndroidWidget.Info

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Being someone that has to travel several times a month, keeping all of my hotel rooms, flight times and client meetings can be a tough task. I used to have one of those primitive and large black organizer folders around until one of my colleagues introduced me to TripIt. Since discovering this travel app for my Android phone, my life has been much more organized and less hectic.

While having a smartphone to play Angry Birds and chat on Facebook is nice, I feel that Android widgets such as TripIt Pro are where the real power in owning a smartphone lies.

I forward all of my travel confirmation emails straight to TripIt and its ability to read these emails and transcribe them into a simple itinerary is amazing and handy. I also love the ability to sync my travel information from my laptop straight to my phone and not having to enter everything in manually twice.

The TripIt Pro feature I love most though is the notification system that lets me know if my flight has been delayed. Knowing this information instantly and ahead of time is very important for me and provides me great peace of mind.

Fun aspects of TripIt are big pluses for me as well such as: seeing the weather forecast for my upcoming destinations, keeping track of my flight miles and the ability to share my trips on Facebook and LinkedIn.

On more than one occasion, TripIt Pro has notified me when my airfare ticket has dropped in price and is eligible for a refund. This in itself has made the Pro version worth it as it has paid for itself several times over.

As someone who cannot afford a personal assistant, TripIt is the next best thing and I can’t imagine traveling now without it in the palm of my hand. I would recommend TripIt Pro to anyone who travels on a regular basis. For managing all of my travel plans, TripIt does it all.

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