Traveling on…

Five years ago three of us sat in a crowded Mexican restaurant and said let’s build something useful. Right there, TripIt was born. Travel is one of life’s great joys, but it is harder than it has to be. Technological innovation is changing the world and has the power to make life better for travelers too. TripIt’s mission since then has been to become the most used and loved brand for travelers worldwide by using technology to solve their problems.

Since inception we’ve had tremendous good fortune. Amazing people have joined our team. Millions of travelers love our service. Thousands of developers are building innovative applications on top of the TripIt platform. We’ve received more than our fair share of awards, kind press coverage, and enthusiastic tweets, posts, and accolades from our users. And last year we joined Concur, the most disruptive company in the travel industry.

For all of this, we’re incredibly thankful, but it’s now time for two of us to move on from the TripIt family. While this is bittersweet, we leave with satisfaction in knowing there is a stellar team of comrades in place who will carry on with the TripIt mission, that represent the TripIt DNA, and who care passionately about bringing to market all that goodness and excellence you have come to know, love, and expect from TripIt. We look forward to a steady stream of innovations that will delight travelers and the companies they work for far into the future.

What will we do next? The short answer is we’re not sure, and that’s by design — building a business from scratch is an all consuming effort, and after more than 5 years, we both feel the need for a breather. Scott is planning to get back in shape, spend time with his family fixing up their Kenwood house and sampling fine Sonoma wines from the porch. Gregg is going to enjoy some highly-organized travel (thanks to TripIt!) with his family and work on his kiteboarding. Beyond that, it’s hard to say.

Thank you all for making our trip together to this point so much fun. We will be watching and cheering as TripIt moves forward on the next leg of the journey.

Happy Travels,
Gregg & Scott