Ideas Worth Spreading

By Nancy Ramamurthi, Vice President of Marketing at TripIt

Each year, the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers gather together for “the ultimate brain spa.” With its mission of Ideas Worth Spreading, the TED conference attracts more than 2,500 people to Long Beach, California to hear from visionaries who believe their ideas can change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.

This year, we’re so honored to be a part of what many have dubbed “a journey into the future, in the company of those creating it.” Here at TripIt, we know how powerful word of mouth can be. Every day, we hear from fans that love our product and promote it to their friends.

We are humbled by those who believe that we are an idea worth spreading which is why we’re participating in Ads Worth Spreading, a showcase of ads that communicate ideas with consumers in the same way that TED communicates with its audience – through powerful ideas that have a life of their own.

You can check out our ad below and cast a vote if you like what you see. Be sure to also watch the other amazing ads that have been submitted. TED will announce the winners of the contest at the conference February 27-March 2, 2012.

If you’d like to learn more about TED, please visit:

Or to hear the riveting talks given by some of the world’s most remarkable people (for free!), you can download the TED app on iTunes or the Android Market.