Reverse Time Machine: Visualizing a Year Of Travel Data

By Cemre Güngör

CemreMost of the apps on TripIt’s open platform assist you with your upcoming or current trips. However, I discovered a reflective benefit to using TripIt: you create a physical record of where in the world you have been.

So as my final thesis project at NYU’s Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, I experimented with visualizing data from TripIt to look back at my own (and other people’s) travel history.

I thought creating a physical object would let the data expose itself in very interesting ways.  Cemre 2

While I started off with visualizing itineraries on a map, I quickly realized that plotting flights on a map wasn’t translating to something that had emotional impact.

Cemre 3

So I started looking into what makes trips memorable.

I abandoned the map in favor of an abstract representation that shows each trip in relative locations to home, and depicted their length and purpose.




I built my final object by laser cutting, painting and stacking plates of acrylic.

While it is fun to examine and attractive to look at, for the person it is made for, it functions as a reverse time machine, reminding her of one year of travels.


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Cemre tree map