Share Trips with Colleagues in Chatter and Yammer

By Edith Harbaugh, Senior Product Manager

Traveling can be lonely. And finding out later that a colleague or friend was in your city and you didn’t know can be even more frustrating. In Barcelona for a conference several years ago, I thought my jet lag was causing a hallucination, as I stumbled on my coworker Tam in the lobby.

Part of the power of TripIt is not just organizing your trips, but letting friends and coworkers know when and where you’re traveling (and vice versa). That’s why we’ve added two more ways to share trips today, in Salesforce Chatter and Yammer. If you choose to do so, we’ll let your colleagues know when you’re planning a trip, about to leave, and returning – just like you can share with friends in Facebook.

To mark the occasion, we’re featured today at Yammer on Tour in San Francisco, along with collaborative services like Box and ZenDesk that are making it easier for coworkers to keep each other in the loop.

Beyond Yammer and Chatter, here are some other easy ways to find out when and where colleagues are traveling:

  • TripIt Groups is a free service for companies that makes it easy to view and share travel plans with colleagues all in one place – in a company calendar or map view. More than 25,000 companies use TripIt Groups, ranging from those in the Fortune 500 to small businesses.
  • TripIt for Business is a simple solution for companies who want to take the pain out of traveling, planning, and organizing office travel.  Plus, TripIt for Business customers get premium calendar and group features including: a quick view of who’s in/out today; historical and future month access; and company sub-groups. TripIt for Business pricing starts at $29/month.

So, let your coworkers know where you are, and be a little less lonely on your next trip!