“Inner Circle” Demystified

With the holidays on the brain, here are some ways to make the most of TripIt Pro’s “Inner Circle” feature, which allows you to automatically share trip plans with significant others, family members, or other VIPs - making it easier to coordinate airport pick-ups and holiday activities seamlessly.


Choose wisely. Members of the “Inner Circle” will be notified immediately by email when you create a new itinerary in TripIt, and they’ll have access to your trip details from their smartphone or online.

TripIt Pro’s “Inner Circle” makes it easy for the VIPs in your life to:

  • Be notified every time you create a new itinerary
  • Access shared trip itineraries on their smartphone or on the web
  • Download a calendar file to keep trip plans organized

As always, to learn more about TripIt Pro, visit http://tripit.com/pro.