SXSW Fever: Rock the Vote

We’ve got panels and they’re multiplyin’… it’s electrifyin’!

Grease may not be the word in Austin, but we are pretty fired up about the potential line-up at SXSW in March.

We’d love your support to help #rockthevote. Just make sure to jam-on-it before Friday, Sept. 2 (at which time we’ll cool it on the music puns).

Shameless self-promotion:

Keep it Simple: Apps that Solve Age-Old Problems

Featuring: Gregg Brockway, TripIt; Aaron Forth, Mint; Scott Jampol, OpenTable; Alexa Andrzejewski, Foodspotting; and moderator Vijay Chattha, AppLaunchPR

You’ve Infiltrated the Enterprise: Now What?

Featuring: Scott Hintz, TripIt; David Michaels, Mint; Adam Nash, LinkedIn; and moderator Wade Roush, Xconomy

Free Your Mind: APIs as Lifeblood for Innovation

Featuring: Andy Denmark, TripIt; Jeff Arena, GateGuru; Nikolaj Hald,; and moderator Robert Scoble, Scobleizer

Multiple Personalities are not a Disorder; They’re the Norm

Featuring: Thomas Marks, TripIt; Elizabeth Sartin,; Amy Parnell, LinkedIn; and moderator Benjamin Smithee, Spych Market Analytics

Also, included below are some noteworthy panels featuring innovators and friends of TripIt:

Community First: Lessons for Early-Stage Startups

Crowdsource This! Harnessing the Crowd for Content

YouKnowYouWantIt: Recommendation Engines That Rock

Twitter: Time Suck or Next Great Marketing Tool?


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