Introducing: Company Calendar

By Edith Harbaugh, Senior Product Manager

Is Brian out? Is Scott in today? When is Mike going to Redmond for training? Uh-oh, I didn’t realize IYang was taking a week vacation this month!

TripIt is a small office; smaller than you might think given how much cool stuff we get done. However, even with 50 people, I often have no idea when my coworkers are in and out of the office.

If someone’s not at their desk, it could mean they’re in a meeting, or at Coffee Bar - or at a meeting at Coffee Bar.  Or it could be that they’re in Portland for a Java conference, in Yellowstone with family or otherwise “out”. A very common travel problem is just knowing when and where people are.

To help offices get organized, today we announced a new company travel calendar. Now, the 25,000+ companies who already use TripIt Groups and the chrono-philes out there (you know who you are), can see when people are in and out. Don’t worry, your group still only sees your trip location and dates, no details.

TripIt company calendar view
TripIt’s company calendar will help you pinpoint those high traffic out-of-the-office days (hello, summer Fridays), and plan meetings if several people are visiting a remote location.  You might have an a-ha moment when you realize multiple people are in New York and you can have a spontaneous get-together.

The TripIt calendar is completely free to you and your company. However, you can upgrade to TripIt for Business for more goodness:

  • Get a “today” quick view of who’s in and out right now (and where they are)
  • View travel in the coming months and see past travel on the company calendar
  • Make multiple custom groups for your company, so each group only sees each other’s travel. Or invite people outside of your company (like contractors or potential hires) to join your company group.

TripIt for Business today view
To learn more about how company calendar works, click here.


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