Who are You? TripIt Reveals Portrait of a 21st Century Traveler


Do you ever wonder what your fellow TripIt users look like? Well, today we announced the results of a survey that more than 3,000 of you participated in. Thanks to you, we have a pretty good idea what a 21st century traveler looks like.

If this doesn’t ring a bell, here’s a little background: we asked survey participants about preferred gadgets, traveling for business vs. pleasure, and favorite pastimes.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re a TripIt traveler, chances are you…

  • Own at least one smartphone (most likely Apple or Android)
  • Travel twice as often for business as pleasure; but when do you travel for fun, it’s go big or go home!
  • Keep family and colleagues informed of travel plans
  • Spend your down time on culinary pursuits and dine out at least 4-8 times per month

Did you catch that last one? There’s a whole population of foodies in the TripIt community. Think of the potluck possibilities…

This is just a sample of the interesting tidbits we discovered about modern day frequent travelers, like you. Check out more information here: http://bit.ly/qwmdNz.

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