More iPad Goodness: Add/Edit is Here

When we released the iPad app in May, we told you at the time that there would be many more features to come. Well, good news: the first round of new features is live in the Apple store.

So when you update your app, you’ll now be able to add, edit or delete trips or plans directly on the iPad.


But wait, there’s more.

We’ve also enhanced the directions feature so you can create turn-by-turn directions using plans in your itinerary, your current location, or any other address. It’s like your own personal “nav,” minus the bossy dude telling you what to do.


As always, we’re curious to know what you think, so meet us on Twitter, on Facebook or through our support form. And thanks to those of you who shared your comments with the first release, you help us help you!

Gotta go, we’re busy working on v 2.7!