Highway Man: Tales of Traveling with Dad

Just in time for Father’s Day, we asked the TripIt team to share memories from traveling with dad. Here’s what they had to say. Add your own stories in the comments section!

“When my paper got accepted to a conference in Germany, my Dad came with me to travel around and watch me present it. It was a great experience and he got to practice his German!”

-Dan Hackner, Senior Software Design Engineer 

“My Dad took me on vacation to Hawaii when I was 6.  This was my first time on a plane.  They showed “Oh, God!” as the in-flight movie, served hot lunch, and the flight attendant even gave me a set of playing cards and a coloring book – it all felt very glamorous!  We were about to fly through a storm and I remember my Dad explaining that we would disappear from sight as we hit the clouds.  I took him a bit too literally, as I can remember waiting with anticipation and being very disappointed when I could still see the plane’s wing once we were surrounded by clouds.  To make sense of this, I convinced myself that the clouds gave us super-hero powers – we could see ourselves, but we were invisible to the people on the ground.

And from what I can remember, our time in Hawaii was almost as enjoyable as the flight there. ;-)”

-Lisa Silveria, Manager of Product Management

“1. Begging my Dad to take me to Hartsfield Airport in ATL on the weekend so I could watch planes and talk to pilots.  I think he actually only took me twice, but those were two of the best days of my life.


2. Getting to know my Dad (and Mom) on a deeper level during our 2-week trek through Greece earlier this year.  He’s more adventurous than I realized!”

-Scott Hintz, Co-founder and VP Business Development

“On a trip to Paris with my Dad and sister, we spent the day exploring the sights until my Dad realized his passport was missing, so my sister and my dad ended up going to the French Embassy as well as the police department trying to get a replacement passport. Here’s my sister with only one year of French trying to converse at the Embassy and with the police about a lost passport. In the end, my Dad realized he misplaced it in his luggage.

Photo (1)
My first time to Amsterdam was quite the interesting trip. I had gone with my Dad and younger sister and we really didn’t know what to expect. For the most part it was an amazing trip, seeing the different museums such as Anne Frank’s house, going to the Heineken experience and having a taste of beer at age 18, and take a boat ride on the canal. There was one night that I won’t forget and it was when my Dad decided to explore without any directions and what ended up happening was randomly ending up in the red light district. Awkward moment to the extreme, but nonetheless a priceless moment seeing the embarrassment on my Dad’s face for taking a 16 and 18 year old to the women in the red windows.”

-Andrea Chow, Office Manager

“When I was young, my Dad taught we what it really meant to be “Italo Americano” when he took my family on a 3 week adventure through Italy, sharing his passion for travel and love of the Italian culture.

Eight years later I decided to study aboard to Florence, Italy which naturally was an excuse for him to travel back to his favorite place. My Dad’s passion opened my eyes to a world outside of my own and a culture we both hold close to our hearts.”

-Gina Balestrieri, Direct Marketing Manager

“As a young child, my family would take road trips across the western US in our white 1992 Ford Explorer. At the destination, my dad would often get lost trying to find the motel. I would help my dad out, surveying the map (a physical map, not a Google one) and reading out the street names that he should turn onto. He called me “his navigator”, and I felt proud having a job helping my dad out.

Even to this day, my dad still has physical maps stored in the driver-side door of his 2004 Ford Explorer, just in case we get lost again.”

-Ken Pascual, Senior Marketing Analyst

“I’ll never forget the 2-week road trip my family took to Wisconsin for a wedding in 5th grade. We stopped along the way in some of the most impressive sites in the U.S, including Yosemite, the Grand Tetons, Mt. Rushmore, and Aspen (which for better or for worse, left me with a taste for luxury resorts and gelato). My dad drove the entire way, and was responsible for getting me and my younger sister back across the country while my mom and older sister flew back from Wisconsin for school. I’ll always remember that quality dad time.

In fact, my dad was always good at camping – he did all the dirty work, as you can see!”

-Amy Jackson, Senior Public Relations Manager

“I have fond memories of summer vacations at Ganavan Sands, Oban, in Scotland where my Dad would take us out fishing in his dinghy. I don’t really remember catching anything! However, I do remember that my brother and I were always terrified we’d hook a conger eel, as kids these seemed huge ugly beasts.”

- Fiona Ashley, Director of Marketing