TripIt Flexes Android’s Muscles

By Hootan Mahallati, Mobile Product Manager for TripIt

Here at TripIt, we’re always keen to take advantage of the unique features that different mobile platforms offer users. Fresh on the heels of releasing our first iPad app, which leverages the larger screen size, we are excited to announce one of the more significant TripIt for Android releases in a while – version 1.6 – which in turn takes advantage of Android’s strengths.

With TripIt for Android v1.6, you will have a choice of installing two widgets on your home screen, allowing you to stay updated on the current plan in your itinerary with just a glance. Just press and hold your screen, choose widgets, and look for TripIt.


Signing in to the app is much more streamlined now. You will no longer have to sign in through a browser and in addition, a scroll-down menu will store all the email addresses stored on your device with which to sign in. Less typing is always a good thing.

The app itself is much more powerful now, offering you the capability to add, edit or delete trips and plans, a feature that had been available in our iPhone app for a few months.


Once in the app, you will have a second way to interact with the app. As an alternative to tapping the menu button, you can press and hold the screen to expose the action menu.


We hope that Android users will love the latest version of the TripIt Android app. Let us know what you think and as always, stay tuned for more good news soon. TripIt for Android v1.6 is available here.


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