How Many Third Party Apps Have You Synced with TripIt?

It’s been a busy couple of months here at TripIt, and we don’t just mean in our office.  We now have more than 850 developers and development companies building apps that sync with TripIt!

Each of these apps offers a little something extra for your next trip, from personalized news and travel recommendations, to alerts that will tell you when someone you know is at the airport.

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the latest apps to sync with TripIt, and as always, you can browse a longer list of third party apps on our Apps page. New apps are being added all the time, so we encourage you to check out the Apps page every so often.

Better yet, if you are a developer and have a great idea for a product that solves a travel problem, why not build your own app today?

Airside Airside Express

Never fumble at security or the gate again–put your mobile boarding pass on your smartphone!

To get started, download the Airside Express App, import your trips directly from TripIt inside the app, then automatically retrieve and store your boarding pass on your phone.

Airside Express currently works with the following airlines:  American Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.

3p_planely Planely

See who else Is flying with you. This service is particularly popular for people going to conferences. You can sync Planely with TripIt a single time, then you will receive an alert whenever someone else on the service is on your flight or in your airport.

To get started, create your free Planely account, then sync with TripIt from the settings page.


Easily make shareable, animated trips with photos, music, links, and stories.  Once you connect your Tripline account with TripIt, you can import your Triplit trips into Tripline, which will automatically create a travel map for this trip, equipped with travel dates and places. It’s a great way to share your trips with friends, or relive them later.

To get started, create your free Tripline account, then connect your TripIt account on their settings page.

3p_memolane Memolane

Display your past trips on a beautiful social timeline that also shows your activity on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social services. Travel is a key part of life, and Memolane has done a great job of tying it in with the rest of your perhaps less exotic lifestream.

To get started, create your free Memolane account, then connect your TripIt account by going to their services page.



Automatically calculate your Carbon offsets when traveling.  TripCarbon pulls in your flight, hotel, and car rental details, and then uses some nifty calculations to calculate your combined Carbon offset total, and then sends this information back into your itinerary automatically. For the stats junkie in all of us, you can also view how they made their calculations.  I’m using it on a trip to Greece and feeling a little guilty. I think I’ll go plant a tree – or seven.

To get started, visit

3p_FlexTrip FlexTrip

Broadcast your travel plans and automatically retrieve travel deals and things to do when you’re traveling. Flextrip accesses a database of local deals and connects these offers with your upcoming destinations.

To get started, create your account at, then connect your TripIt account to FlexTrip on their trips page.

3p_News 360 News360 (iPad App)

 Aggregate thousands of news sources for coverage from all points of view, and then get personalized news recommendations based on your future destinations.

To get started, download the app from iTunes, then sync with TripIt by holding your iPad vertically and then going to the Settings link.

To view press release: TripIt’s Open Platform Now Powers 330+ Travel Related Applications