Does Santa Know Where to Find you This Year? TripIt’s Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Despite the lingering tough economy and an increase in gas prices, the same number of TripIt members are traveling this holiday season as compared to 2009. I myself am heading home to Scotland with my kids, and there is much discussion as to whether Santa will know where to find us! I’ll have to be sure I share my TripIt itinerary with him…

So which destinations are popular this year and how does this compare to last year? For the many holiday trips coinciding with Christmas (Dec. 22-29), we found that New York and LA held the top two spots, just as they did in 2009. However Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas have gained popularity in 2010, while it appears London and Boston may have fewer holiday visitors than they did last year.

Destinations 2010
What’s more, TripIt travelers seem to be favoring the warmer climes of Florida (Orlando and Fort Lauderdale) for the 2010 holidays, with more than a fifty percentage growth in trips vs. 2009. A great place to escape from the snow, ice and the wind chill factor!

Not surprisingly, given higher airfares and a struggling economy, we have seen a decline in trips to several popular international destinations, including Rome, Bangkok, Sydney, Paris and Amsterdam.

Are you staying home this holiday season or, like me, will you be sharing your TripIt itineraries with Santa so he knows exactly where you are going?

Santa and map

Even if Santa isn’t part of your TripIt network, you might want to share travel plans with your family and friends so they can see what time you will arrive and where you will be.

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