TripIt for Business Gives Busy Admins a Much-Needed Helping Hand

If you plan travel for your office, you know the drill….hours spent searching through a crowded inbox to find travel emails for different people, followed by cutting and pasting, answering questions, and staying on top of everyone’s travel schedules. It’s not an easy job!

Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from administrative assistants and office managers who use TripIt to help them organize office travel. This input helped drive the creation of TripIt for Business, and its mission to be indispensable when it comes to productivity, efficiency, and ease in managing office travel. Today we’re happy to report that TripIt for Business has just rolled out two new features to make life a whole lot easier for office travel planners – the ability to build itineraries for other people and a new travel dashboard.

Now, admins and office managers can instantly create itineraries for their travelers, and push the latest plans to their smart phones, just by forwarding confirmation emails to Previously, admins had to go through a MacGyver-like effort to build itineraries for people other than themselves. But now with TripIt for Business, they can act as official “travel arrangers” on behalf of other travelers and build the itineraries in a much simpler, streamlined way.

The new travel dashboard is a centralized place where you can quickly view and manage the trips of people for whom you arrange travel. The dashboard shows where all your travelers are, and whether the necessary airline tickets, hotel reservations, and rental cars have been booked for each trip. Travelers get some extra peace of mind as well — they can rest assured that their plans are always up to date on their iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry, in their calendar, and on the web. And we’ll be adding more bells and whistles to the travel dashboard over time, making it the command center that keeps you and your travelers on top of your game.


Admins managing travelers who subscribe to TripIt Pro will also see alerts for flight delays, cancellations and gate changes. This makes it easy to proactively update plans and communicate with travelers about last-minute schedule updates. Which means travelers can spend more time getting business done, and their travel planners look like the most organized people on the planet!

TripIt for Business is available now with flexible pricing options starting at $29/month for up to 10 people. For more information go to: