TripIt Pro Scores Airfare Refunds for 1 in 10 Flights

This September we added a new feature to TripIt Pro so it can automatically track flights to see if they’re eligible for a refund. It’s been great to hear from many of you who have received money back on your flights, and we have some interesting data on how this feature is doing.

What we’ve seen so far:

  • 1 in 10 monitored flights is eligible for a refund
  • The average refund is more than $100
  • The median refund, after change fees, is about $50
  • Yes, that means TripIt Pro basically pays for itself when you get a refund

We also have the scoop on refunds by airline. People flying on these three airlines have been twice as likely to get a refund:

  • Virgin America
  • Alaska
  • Frontier

Also, refunds happen more frequently for flights that are booked more than 30 days in advance, which means TripIt Pro subscribers can plan ahead without that nagging feeling that a cheaper flight is just around the corner. (And be sure to put your flights in your TripIt itinerary so we can start tracking them as soon as you book. If you use Gmail or Google Apps, set up Auto Import for “hands-free” itinerary creation and we’ll add your flights for you automatically.)

And there is another fun TripIt Pro bonus happening right now…if you sign up by November 30, you get a special 90-day free trial courtesy of SpringHill Suites by Marriott®!

The extended free trial means you’ll have your own personal travel assistant over the holidays and during the winter months, when delays, schedule changes, airport chaos and unpredictable weather can quickly take their toll on a traveler’s sanity. Won’t it be nice to have the peace of mind that comes with TripIt Pro’s flight alerts, alternate flight finder and automatic trip sharing?

And who knows – you may get a refund that will let you buy an extra gift for yourself this year!


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