Itinerator Dedupinator

About a month ago the Itinerator went on a gingko biloba binge and figured out how to identify and deal with identical or similar-looking flight reservations. This was a huge win, especially for the tens of thousands of smart travelers who’ve set up auto import for Gmail and Google Apps since it launched in beta 11 weeks ago.

We’re happy to report that effects of the gingko binge have lingered and the Itinerator’s dupe-savvy is expanding. It now handles exact dupes for lodging, rental car, rail, cruise, restaurant, and activity reservations without skipping a beat. It’s also coping with an even broader array of subtle and tricky flight cases too.

This may seem like inside baseball, but for the connoisseurs of computer-assisted/hands-free/instant travel organization it’s good news. That’s all for now. Game 2 of the World Series is just starting. GO GIANTS!