TripIt for iPhone Gets a Face Lift

We’re excited to announce the newest version of TripIt for iPhone, available now in the iTunes App Store! The improvements in version 1.5 are based on feedback we’ve gotten from travelers who’ve logged millions of miles using the app. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. We’ve worked hard to incorporate the improvements you’ve suggested.

TripIt for iPhone v1.5 ┬áTo begin with, we gave the app a major face lift so you’ll have easier access to important trip information. Flight times are larger and clickable, so you can go directly to flight details if needed. We replaced small hyperlinks with big buttons for flight check-in and airport info, and added new navigation that lets you move quickly between different items in your trip. And, maps and directions now load inside the app instead of kicking you over to the Google Maps app.

We’ve overhauled the way time zones are handled, especially outside the US. (Please note that you may need to refresh your data in the app after upgrading to see the improved time zone logic at work.)

TripIt Pro members will see flight delays and cancellations highlighted in red, bold text, and alternate flights are easier to access when you need a “Plan B.” Of course, if you have TripIt Pro you won’t see any advertisements in the app, too.

TripIt for iPhone 1.5 is only the first in a series of upgrades we’re working on this year. We hope you enjoy it. Keep the feedback coming, and happy travels!

Will Aldrich