Road Warriors Share Their TripIt Pro Success Stories

Android 2When we designed TripIt Pro, our premium product with mobile flight alerts, alternate flight options and more, we had road warriors in mind. We get a lot of feedback from travelers who use TripIt Pro, and we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite success stories…

“Recently, when a snow storm hit Atlanta, TripIt emailed me that my flight was canceled. I ran to the rental car area to get a car 15 minutes before the cancellation was posted by the airline. I made it home that night. Many had to sleep in the airport.”
 - John B, Dallas, TX

“I’m a freakish fan of TripIt and tell all my coworkers about it. I particularly wanted to thank TripIt Pro for saving my trip back from vacation. I was in Brazil, in the middle of nowhere, on a beach the day my flight was supposed to leave. I woke up in the morning and there was notice my flight to Dulles was canceled due to a snow storm. I freaked, needed to be in Chicago for a meeting the next day. I opened TripIt Pro and there were all the alternative flights, and how many seats were left on each. It was amazing how slick it worked. I knew instantly where to go and I was able to rebook in about 3 minutes, and got the seat (and an upgrade, no less) because I was able to respond quickly. Thanks for creating this amazing beast.”
 - Dan F, Broomfield, CO

“So we went to check in for our flight and the ticket agent at the airport started to tell us how sorry she was to inform us that our flight was delayed, enough to mess up our connection. She got an odd look on her face when I told her about the TripIt update I’d gotten that allowed me to sort out the delay from the comfort of my hotel room. We caught a flight to Dallas and we were waiting for the last leg, from there to Austin. While we waited, our flight got delayed four or five times. Every time I got a text from TripIt Pro, and the other folks at the gate were amazed.

‘Delayed again – now it’ll be 4:50pm,’ I’d say, reading the text.

‘No’ they’d say, ‘The marquee still says 4:30pm.’

‘Give it a minute,’ I laughed.

We finally got to Austin, albeit later than we wanted, but we were never short on information.”
 - Steve K, Vancouver, WA

We love to hear your stories, and we welcome any kind of feedback about TripIt and TripIt Pro. If you’re not using TripIt Pro and you’re interested in learning more, visit our TripIt Pro page.