New TripIt for Google Apps

Apps_logoThis week, the excitement continues at TripIt, with the launch of TripIt for Google Apps, the only travel app featured in the new Google Apps Marketplace™. We’re thrilled to be one of the free apps that’s available to more than 25 million employees at the more than 2 million companies using Google Apps.

Our free app integrates TripIt’s new Groups feature with Google Apps, to help companies organize their travel plans and streamline travel planning, while making it easier than ever for employees to share trips and collaborate with their colleagues. It also includes some very cool gadgets that are specifically designed to help business travelers stay on top of their plans.

TripIt for Google Apps offers companies of any size the same unique benefits that TripIt offers travelers– a simple, cost-effective opportunity to improve productivity and streamline collaboration.

Our recent third round of funding has fueled our fire to develop all kinds of creative ways to make life easier for travelers, both as individuals and as part of larger groups. TripIt for Google Apps is a great way to kick off this exciting new time! We look forward to hearing what you think about this, and all of the other great stuff on the horizon.

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