A Little Smarter, a Little Shinier

Last night we capped off a brisk couple of weeks here at TripIt HQ with the launch of some neat new stuff on the site. I wanted to take a moment to point out some of my favorite updates.

See your connections on the map

Inspired by TripIt Groups, you now have a map that shows you where all your TripIt connections are, and whether they’re home or traveling, now or in the future. Heading to Chicago? Look at your connections map to see who’s there (or will be there) when you’re planning to go. Check out your new Network page and behold the cartographic goodness.

Who’s Close: now 17% smarter

Ok, I pulled that number out of the air, but it feels about right. :) The engine working behind the scenes to tell you when your connections’ plans overlap with yours has been fine-tuned quite a bit. Long-time users will see fewer false positives, and your list of Who’s Close alerts is now easier to find on your updated TripIt Network page. (If you don’t have any connections on TripIt yet, why not add some so you can see when your plans will overlap?)

Location auto-complete: a rough edge, smoothed

We took the sander to a “rough edge” that we’ve heard about from several of you. Before last night, if TripIt didn’t recognize the name of the place you chose for your trip destination or home location, the system got confused and prevented you from proceeding. Our location forms are officially a lot smarter now! Test ‘em out by adding a trip.

Get into your group

People have been joining their companies’ TripIt groups in droves since the launch a few weeks ago. If you’re just setting up a new TripIt account, we’ll tell you if you’re eligible to join a group based on the email address you’re using (i.e. if you join as bob@acme.com, you’ll be able to easily join the Acme, Inc. Group).

There are several other smaller improvements you might notice as you go along, too. Enjoy! As always, let us know how we can help you have a smoother ride.