Epic TripIt Itinerary Mixes Business with Pleasure

Steve the rockerRecently, we ran across a TripIt itinerary called “Steavis World Tour”. The four month trip started in Australia, then went on to Europe, Asia, North America and the Caribbean. There were dozens of activities in the itinerary, and almost all of them were either rugby matches or heavy metal concerts. Needless to say, we were intrigued!

We got in touch with Steve Mascord, the traveler on this eclectic journey, to ask him…well…what the heck?!?

“I am a sports writer covering rugby in Sydney, Australia. Not only does the job involve travel but it is seasonal, so every year I also travel recreationally.” Steve tells us. OK, that explains the rugby matches. But what about the heavy metal? “There are a lot of gigs in my itinerary. I am an 80’s rock fan. What can I say?“

Steve was quick to add that he’s a dedicated TripIt user. “On a journey like mine you are always adding things. Previously, I would be cutting and pasting details or crossing things out and it was tedious, confusing and messy. Also, I like TripIt from a tax point of view. When I do my tax return, I can go back and see where I was, what I was there for and how much it cost.”

Check out Steve’s amazing world tour on TripIt!