Big Week for TripIt’s iPhone App

This week, TripIt’s free iPhone app was in the spotlight
at a couple of big mobile events in San Francisco.

On Monday, Will
Aldrich, TripIt’s VP of Product, spoke to a packed house (see photo below) at the Flurry Mobile Monday
. Over 350 people showed up at the event to hear presentations from TripIt, Flixster, AdMob, Flurry and
Booyah. The theme of the evening was App Store discovery, a very hot topic
among developers these days! In fact, so many people showed up that the event
organizers had to find a larger venue than their usual space.  

Mobile monday

The presentations at Mobile Monday were thoughtful and
informative, with the main message being, the key to discovery in the App
Store is to make something people want. To quote from Booyah’s presentation,
“all of your marketing programs are kindling that can help start a fire, but if
the firewood’s wet, it’s never going to really get burning.” A simple idea, and
very true.

Macworld came right on the heels of Mobile Monday, and we
spent Thursday demonstrating our iPhone App to the enthusiastic crowd at the
Mobile App Showcase. People were there to learn about all the interesting apps
on the market, and most of them dived right in, downloading and testing apps on
the spot. For us, it was a special day
filled with users who stopped by our booth to express their appreciation for
our app, give us valuable feedback, share their travel stories, and, in one
memorable case, to ditch a manila folder full of printed confirmation emails!

For more about Macworld, including some app and gadget
recommendations from tech-savvy attendees, check out our blog post from last Wednesday.

It was really amazing to see all the energy around the
App Store that was displayed at both of these events, and we’re geared up to
take all the things we learned and continue making our iPhone App the best possible
mobile travel tool.