Updated User Agreement and Privacy Policy

We recently updated TripIt’s User Agreement and Privacy Policy to comply with the EU Safe Harbor Program, and to join the TrustE Licensee Program. These changes describe more specifically how we collect, store, and share your personally identifiable information; how you authorize third party applications to access your TripIt data on your behalf; and how Facebook Connect and Google ID are integrated with our site.

Keeping your travel details secure is a priority for us. By default, your account information and detailed travel plans are visible only to you. You can opt to make individual travel itineraries available to people you specify–or to the public–on a case-by-case basis. As always, if you want to grant permission to a third party application to view or edit your TripIt data on your behalf (like My Travel on LinkedIn, FlightTrack Pro on iPhone, or your Facebook wall), you must authorize each application individually.

We’re excited to have become a TrustE licensee, and we welcome your questions or feedback at support@tripit.com.

Thanks, and as always, Happy Travels!