Google Social Search – a big step toward the traveler-centric future

Last week we blogged about social networks, and how they are becoming more portable over time. This week, Google released Social Search, demonstrating this idea in action, in the context of the most popular activity on the web.

Social Search is Google’s name for the ability to add the activity of people you may know to your search results. Google does this by looking at your Google contacts, and your networks on social sites like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Google Reader. Without digging too deeply into the technology, it’s plain to see that there are some benefits here for travelers.
Google search ss
One of the biggest benefits is that you can get trip ideas and travel tips from friends and acquaintances without going any further than the search engine you’re likely to be using anyway. By applying a social filter to search data, the results should be much more personal and relevant, making it easier than ever to learn about travel from other travelers you know and trust.
Social Search has the potential to be a game changer for the travel industry and is a big step toward the traveler-centric future. You can learn more about this exciting new social development in the Google blog.