TripIt at TechCrunch50

Our team just got back from the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco and it was a blast. Thanks to Michael, Heather, Jason, and the TC50 team for another great show.

TripIt was one of the original TechCrunch 40 back in 2007, which makes us the old kids at the party this year. But we’re excited to see other alumni like Yammer and Xobni also doing so well. And big congrats to Mint (another alum from TC40 in 2007) on their $170M acquisition by Intuit; read founder Aaron Patzer’s comments here.

Another alum from 2008 was Expensify, a startup that streamlines expense reporting all the way through reimbursement. Both expense and travel data can be a pain to organize, so we understand and admire their efforts. Outright was a first-time exhibitor at this year’s show that impressed us, in part because they’ve built expense reporting into their cool, free bookkeeping service, using Expensify’s API.

This is an area that we’ve gotten some requests about (including this one from our friend Sean Ellis). We’ve been fortunate to have several other companies integrate their services with TripIt’s API, including ExpenseBay which is worth checking out.

On the fun side, we were impressed by Clicker which describes themselves as “a TV Guide for the Web” that helps you find videos online.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say Hi and see a demo of TripIt Pro. We handed out a lot of luggage tags and promo codes today, and are already seeing a lot of new users. Thanks!

Will Aldrich

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