New, Improved TripIt Itineraries

We’ve made some improvements to TripIt itineraries, so now it’s easier than ever for you to organize and share your travel plans.

New design


We updated our itinerary layout based on some great suggestions from TripIt travelers. Travel dates and times have a new format, and your trip information is easier to scan when you’re in a hurry. Go to your trips to experience the difference first-hand.


Itin-sidebar (2) Easier to share, print, edit and see who’s close
We’ve added see some big new buttons that make it super simple to Share, Print and Edit your trip. Plus, you now have easy access to calendar sync and other handy tools.
There is also a new “People” section that shows you which of your TripIt connections will be close to you on your trip. It’s a great way to set up meetings, connect with friends and colleagues, and much more. The more connections you have, the more useful this is, so add connections to make the most of who’s close!

We hope you enjoy your new and improved itinerary page.  Your suggestions made these changes possible,
so please – keep them coming.